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Innovant Features

It is harder and harder to protect onself's privacy on the web. Regulations do exist, but it is clear that they cannot solve all problems alone. WiSSL is a software platform that brings a pure software answer, when no authority is involved.


WiSSL protects your data from everyone. In fact, it protects it even from WiSSL itself!

List Access

One-click check who has access to any piece of your data, and revoke it immediately.

Helping in Trust

You're on a website that uses WiSSL? Congratulations, you're using a data-fair website.

In line with its time

WiSSL doesn't go against the whole system. In fact, it is able to interact with any provider!

Easy to Use

One single interface to manage all your data, and a transparent encryption and decryption.


Helping you easily change your data only once, and not spread the change over several websites.

What is WiSSL?

WiSSL is a platform that stores your data. Used alone, it therefore serves little purpose, but it can be easily used by any third party to acquire data about you. When you grant access to your data using WiSSL, you have the ways to know who can access it, when people do access it and for which purpose. You obvisouly can revoke any share at any time, which may be particularly convenient. You are now master of your personal data again!

Another advantage is to maintain your data at a single place. We all know how boring this can be to replicate changes at several locations, and WiSSL leverages this burden for you. Change your data once, and everyone will be notified.

For companies, the advantage is the guarantee to always use the most up to date version of their customer's data while increasing their attractiveness through the use of the data-fair label policy. For small organisations it is also a unique chance to easily have customer self-service facilities.

Several services already use WiSSL! And as the community of users will grow bigger, the platform will be able to serve any purpose through the secure sharing mechanism.


If you want to know more about WiSSL, there exist a couple of documents to start reading.

The project

The project initial description and implementation is based on a master thesis that you can find here. Just lick the icon on the right.

Interfacing guides

There exists a guide that can help a developer interface easily with WiSSL, and it is here.

The satellites

WiSSL already has several projects using it, which you'll be able to find below. To name them, there exists WiSSL contacts for your phone contacts, WiSSL giveaways, a WordPress plugin, a Zenbership rewrite, a Helios extension, and more...

European consortium

WiSSL helps in complying with the newest European directives, which invite companies to give customer the right to be forgotten, while ensuring high availaibility and lowering the costs.


Here are some apps that trusted WiSSL for managing their database and thus becoming data-fair. Why not test it yourself as well?

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